Better Points - Revolutionize Your Twitch Channel Points with OBS Integration

Channel Points 2.0

Better Points takes your Twitch Channel Points experience to the next level by offering seamless OBS integration. Empower your viewers to trigger dynamic events that change scenes, control scene items, and more - all live on stream.

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Seemlessly Integrated

Better Points connects directly to the Twitch API and OBS, so it can automatically accept or reject viewer redemptions depending on the outcome of the OBS event.

Simple, Yet Powerful

Easy to understand settings that give you full control to create complex chains of events. You don't need to be a programmer to use Better Points.

Affordable Pricing

We've done everything we can to keep the price of our service fair, including offering a 40% discount for annual subscriptions.

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Bring it all together.

Better Points acts as a bridge between Twitch and OBS, connecting your viewers in a new and unique way. It enables an unprecedented level of viewer engagement, which is vital for your growth on Twitch.

Increase Interaction

Increase Revenue

Create Unique Content

Impress New Viewers

Take control of OBS.

Change scenes, set properties like scale, position and visibility, enable or disable filters. Better Points allows you to tie all of these actions together to create complex chains of events that your viewers can then trigger.

filter rewards select and batch update rewards sort rewards

Enhance your Custom Rewards.

Upgrade your Twitch Custom Rewards for Channel Points with advanced sorting, filtering and grouping. Group Rewards together. Modify them in batches (bulk enable or disable). Automatically control when they are visible to your viewers.



Custom Groups

Bulk Updates

connect chat to OBS events

Chat Events.

Bridge the gap between chat and action. Chat Events link your viewer's messages to OBS actions, turning comments into dynamic changes live on stream. It's interaction amplified.

channel points with text to speech(tts)

Text-to-Speech (TTS).

Give your audience a voice. With our Text-to-Speech feature, viewers can turn their Channel Points into spoken words, broadcasting their messages live on stream. It's interaction with a personal touch.

connect giveaways to channel points

Reward your viewers.

Turn loyalty into opportunity. Our integrated Giveaways allow viewers to use their Channel Points for a shot at winning raffles. Engagement just got a whole lot more rewarding.

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Setup is fast and straightforward.

Getting started with Better Points is incredibly easy and requires no coding experience.

Login to the Dashboard

Sign in with your Twitch account and start using the free version right away!

Connect to OBS

Enter your OBS Websocket settings into Better Points to connect.

Start Creating

Now it's time to let your creativity flow, create Custom Rewards and link them to OBS Events.

We've kept prices simple and affordable.

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Unlimited Events

Unlimited Actions

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Unlimited Actions